Iconic. Reward. Spectacular.

The Epic Series is a global portfolio of the world’s most exhilarating, rewarding, and premium mountain bike stage races. Spanning from South Africa to Switzerland, Australia to Andorra and Croatia the welcome of inspiring destinations ushers you into a world of premium mountain bike experiences.

Remarkable trails are set against breathtaking scenery and spattered with ruts, mud and dust. Here, true grit, cheers and chatters of chains are the universal language that see you off in search of your next Epic Series event.

Choose your partner wisely. Bond. Build. And Race The World.

Legend Awaits.

Conquer the Alps

The Swiss Epic is a unique test of endurance, resolve and skill with the staggering beauty of the snow-capped, jagged skyline of Graubünden set as the perfect antidote to the physical and mental demands of mountain bike stage racing. 

Conquer the Rocks

4Islands MTB Croatia takes place over four days on four different islands. The Kvarner islands are tough, littered with rocks, roots and all kinds of surprises. The newest event within the Epic Series boasts an out-of-this-world mountain bike experience on trails dating back to the origins of Croatia.

Uninhibited MTB adventure in the Andorran Pyrenees

The Andorra MTB Classic presents a route that indulges the sense of adventure, challenges limits and presents the chance to discover the beauty of a country made for mountain biking. Riders navigate the spectacular Andorran Pyrenees mountains in two-person teams over four days where the ever-changing landscape enthrals the senses.

Good times rolling

Set in New South Wales, Port to Port is an incredible east coast mountain bike stage race that explores fast-flowing singletrack, farm roads, testing climbs and thrilling descents. It is designed to be enjoyed for riders al off all levels and forms part of the triple crown of Australian multi-stage MTB racing.

Good times rolling

Tropical North Queensland is the home of Reef to Reef. Starting on the reef fringed Coral Sea coast it quickly heads inland across a network of trails through tablelands, hinterland, farmlands, MTB parks, and tropical rainforest before finishing back at the coast four days and 195 kms later.

Good times rolling

Boasting the title of Australia’s longest running and biggest MTB stage race, Cape to Cape promises an event that delivers fun and thrills around every turn. The route, which starts at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and ends at Cape Naturaliste four days later, takes teams through exhilarating forest trails, MTB parks, back country, and coastline district roads.

The Race with GEES

The Wines2Whales was born out of the desire to create a world-class 3-day stage race in the Western Cape of South Africa. Since inception in 2009, the three events, aptly named after the wines of the area, have become a must-do event on the mountain bike calendar with riders from the farthest reaches of the country and the world.