Stage 4:

Rise to the 


The Queen Stage! Packed with climbing and singletracks. There is little to no respite on the Stage 4 course. Teams need to prepare for a challenging day out.

The Queen Stage of the 2024 Absa Cape Epic, Stage 4 will demand every individual and team rises to the gauntlet laid down by the untamed. Featuring more meters of climbing than any stage in recent years Stage 4 is defined by ascents. Pataskloof and the Hawequas Scout Camp climbs are the first order of the day, before Beula and Buffet Olives lead to the Hawequas Bergpad. Once the dual tracks turn to singletracks the climbing becomes even steeper, up 7 Peaks and the never-ending switchbacks of Aap d’Huez, DNF and the Cliff Hanger. There are incredible descents too, with Cool Runnings, Cool Runnings Too, Brandslang Neck, Full Monty and Route 66 all adding excitement to a day rising into the clouds.


The key piece of advice for those racing the 2024 Absa Cape Epic is to take part in the Imbuko Big Five Challenge. Featuring many of the same climbs, including the gruelling ascent to the summit of the Cliff Hanger, but in a different order and with other linking trails the Big Five is the perfect preparation for the Queen Stage. Especially because the day’s Toyota Tough section is the Cliff Hanger too, which requires a bit of pre-riding to get one’s head around the steep switchbacks.

Route Director's Tip

We included all the play stuff we could put together here. If you’re not aiming at a top 10, your approach should be just to get out there and enjoy it (I am sure even the top pros will too). Of course, there has to be a sting in the tail – something that riders may not expect. It is the Absa Cape Epic after all.