European Adventures in 2024

The Epic Series provides mountain bikers with a standard they can trust across a group of stage races. Along with qualification for the Absa Cape Epic and the opportunity to become an Epic Legend the series also allows for adventures in fascinating places; like Croatia, Andorra, and Switzerland.

4Islands MTB Croatia

An island-hopping holiday with a tough bike race included…

4Islands MTB Croatia is a race which sells itself. Just looking at the photos from previous editions is enough to get you excited to enter. It looks like fun! The white limestone rocks, highlighting the azure blues of the Adriatic, juxtaposed against the colourful kits of the teams racing across the ancient landscapes. It seems almost magical. And it is.

Five days of racing, on four of Croatia’s spectacular Kvarner islands – Krk, Cres, Lošinj, and Rab – ensure ample on the bike exertion. In fact, the race’s Legend status within the Epic Series points to how challenging the riding is. As does its “Conquer the Rocks” slogan.

Off the bike the excitement continues; with a choice of hotel and boat, or hotel throughout, accommodation. Incredible scenery, breathtaking architecture, ancient history, and a generally relaxed atmosphere. 4Islands MTB Croatia also boasts mountain biking’s only boat-based start, with the ferry’s loading bay providing the start chute for Stage 2, from the port of Merag on the island of Cres.

Race Dates: 16-20 April 2024

Entries: Tier 2 entries are available until 8 January 2024, before the prices increase for Tier 3 until registration closes on 4 March 2024.

Andorra Epic Pyrenees

The Latest Legend

Founded as a Classic event, with a Prologue and three marathon stages, Andorra Epic Pyrenees upgraded in toughness to a Legend rated Epic Series race in 2023. Now boasting four marathon stages it provides challenging riding, to high elevations above sea level, while also featuring some of Europe’s best mountain bike trails.

Famed as a host destination for mountain bike World Cup events and Grand Tour stages, Andorra is virtually synonymous with cycling. The Principality, located high in the western Pyrenees between France and Spain, is more than just a training base for World Tour road racers and Speed Company Racing’s Lukas Baum. Known for duty-free shopping and big mountain vistas it is sure to thrill off the bike too. Especially as teams stay in La Massana throughout, with shuttles taking riders to the remote start locations. With no transfers once you are settled it is arguably the Epic Series’ easiest event logistically, for riders, allowing for more rest between stages or more time to explore Andorra off the bike too.

Race Dates: 3-6 July 2024

Entries: Tier 2 entries, which include a Ride Only option, close on 26 February 2024. Thereafter Tier 3 entries will be available until 24 June 2024.

SPAR Swiss Epic

The Original European Epic

The SPAR Swiss Epic, though a Legend graded event like 4Islands MTB Croatia and Andorra Epic Pyrenees, is in reality a tier above those two races. Its five stages are all exceptionally demanding, taking you to over 2 000 metres above sea level most days and are generally longer than the stage distances of the other two European Epic Series events. That does not mean it is just a battle to finish however, the singletracks are truly incredible. Mixing natural trails, carved by the famous alpine cattle, and purpose-built flow trails the SPAR Swiss Epic offers challenges and rewards in equal measures.

Graubünden, the host canton, and the host towns of Davos and La Punt ensure that every rider is superbly looked after. Swiss hospitality really should be more famous, because it will amaze international visitors. As will the towns’ infrastructure, built to accommodate skiers in winter and retooled for mountain bikers in summer, everything is geared towards accommodating outdoor adventurers.

The SPAR Swiss Epic should be on every avid mountain biker’s bucket list.

Race Dates: 20-24 August 2024

Entries: Tier 2 entries are available until 5 February 2024. Thereafter the price per team increases to Tier 3, until 1 April, and Tier 4 until registration closes on 1 July 2024.