Adventures Await in Andorra

The Andorra Epic Pyrenees is the newest addition to the Epic Series’ Legend Status events. It is a four-day, 200 kilometre with 6 400 metres of climbing, race that boasts remote starts and four finishes in the heart of La Massana.

What to Expect

Thanks to its high elevations and strenuous climbs, Andorra Epic Pyrenees draws obvious comparisons to the SPAR Swiss Epic. It is, however, significantly easier; thanks to shorter stages, a day less racing and the La Massana race village’s location at 1 240 metres (4 070 feet) above sea-level. This is over 400 metres lower than La Punt (1 687) and 300 less than Davos (1 560), meaning denser air and easier breathing compared to the Alpine race. Both races spend a significant time over 2 000 metres though, providing a thrilling test of cardiovascular endurance as well as incredible high-mountain mountain biking.

Andorra is famous as a cycling destination, thanks to Grand Tours on the road and UCI World Cups off road. The Andorra Epic Pyrenees taps into the cycling culture showcasing the country’s best trails and utilizing the bike-friendly infrastructure to create a superb rider experience. If you are looking for a tough but rewarding four days of racing, look no further.


Arguably the Epic Series’ most logistically simple event, Andorra Epic Pyrenees remains in La Massana throughout. From registration, on the 2nd of July, to the final stage, on the 6th of July, the race village remains in the town which derives its name from the mattianam apple variety. This means no hotel transfers; riders simply check in from arrival to departure. The event also features a “ride only” entry option, which provides you with the opportunity to book your own accommodation or stay with Andorran friends.

To keep the riding exciting; there are at least three remote starts per edition, where riders are bussed to start venues before they race back to La Massana. This allows for a broader exploration of the region and creates a point-to-point feel to the riding. While also traversing some of Andorra’s most celebrated bike parks.

What they Say

“I’d been to Andorra many times before, to race and train. But I discovered new trails during Andorra Epic Pyrenees, which was very surprising. It showed me again how stage races open up places, which you think of as your back garden, but still have so many things to explore and experience.” – Jose Antonio Hermida (Epic Legend and 2010 XCO World Champion)

Register for the 2024 Andorra Epic Pyrenees, which takes place from 2-6 July 2024