Flow Trail Paradise

The SPAR Swiss Epic may boast fearsome climbs, but it also features some of the world’s best mountain bike flow trails. Purpose built singletracks from high in the Alps to deep in the forested valleys. Visit Graubünden in 2024 to experience them… 

Graubünden is a mountain biker’s playground. Though, during the SPAR Swiss Epic when ski lifts are not on hand to ferry you to mountain tops, it does enforce a fair amount of climbing. Entrants to the SPAR Swiss Epic would not have it any other way however. They demand a mix of type 1 and type 2 fun.

Type 2 fun can be endured, on the uphill cranks into the clouds, thanks to the abundance of beautiful views. From the picturesque villages of Davos and La Punt, in the Engadin, to the summits of high mountain passes; like the Albula, Suvretta, and Scaletta. Beauty abounds throughout; with vistas over crystal clear lakes, broad mountain meadows and vast forests of conifers.

Once at the lofty heights, at the top of the climbs, type 1 fun will begin. High speed descending is the best way downhill. Many SPAR Swiss Epic descents begin with technical and natural trails as they drop from the exposed high slopes to below the tree line, where the purpose-built mountain bike trails begin. Some meanwhile, like the Albula Flow Trail, are pristine and man-made from the outset.

Flowing, seemingly endlessly, downhill is a rare and special treat. Jumps and berms serve to increase the exhilaration, especially for those with the skills and the energy to take to the air. First time riders should be warned though, long descents require conditioning too. Amazingly fun as these flow trails might be; they tax your hands, forearms and calves in particular. If you are to make the most of them, put descending into your training schedule too.

If you do, you will love the SPAR Swiss Epic even more!

Experience the Alps

Though the bike race is the main focus, you will undoubtedly love your time in the Alps. Graubünden is a region of remarkable beauty and is uniquely positioned to welcome adventure seekers all year round. Off the bike at the SPAR Swiss Epic you will eat like mountain royalty, sleep in luxury and relax in some of Switzerland’s most iconic ski resorts.

Register for the 2024 SPAR Swiss Epic, which takes place from 20-24 August 2024

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