Aramex To Move Mountains

and Empower Women’s Racing at the Absa Cape Epic

Global leaders in comprehensive logistics and transport solutions, Aramex, have partnered with the Absa Cape Epic, at the headline sponsorship level, as official logistics partners and the UCI Women’s category partner. During the 2024 race Aramex seeks to showcase their innovative warehousing and logistics resources, as well as to empower the world’s best women's mountain bikers to race unlimited. 

Aramex may be best known for their fleet of red and white trucks and vans, delivering smaller packages across the world. Yet, that is only a small measure of the vast organisation’s reach. As a global leader in comprehensive logistics and transport solutions, Aramex provides large scale freight shipping and warehousing, temperature-controlled warehousing and deliveries, as well as a range of e-commerce and courier services. All these capabilities will be put into practice in their partnership with the Absa Cape Epic, enhancing the rider experience through several key touch points.

“We are looking forward to the challenge that the Absa Cape Epic presents,” George van der Merwe, Country Manager of Aramex South Africa, said. “Not only does the partnership present us a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities, in one of the most difficult environments, but the lead-up to and the race itself allows us to stress test systems and resources. In 2023 the weather threw a massive curve ball at the event and torrential rain left vehicles stranded in muddy fields in the Lourensford race village. We aren’t necessarily hoping for a repeat of the rain and mud, or for extreme heat to cause its own challenges, but I know we will face unforeseen difficulties and I know our staff will be able to showcase their creative problem-solving skills.”

Though logistical support may be one of the most noticeable areas where Aramex can assist the race, it is their warehousing services which the event organisers will be relying upon most. “Aramex truly is a full-service logistics company,” Jonathan Meintjes, the Head of MTB South Africa, praised. “In 2024 they will be aiding in the transport of equipment and supplies to race villages, but their real assistance will be in warehousing. Both during the event, when we need fresh produce stored in cool rooms and rider luggage stored while they are racing, but also after the event when we have tons of equipment which needs to be safely stored until the next race. Riders do not see this side of the event and probably do not appreciate what a challenging logistical operation it is. I’m certainly looking forward to Aramex facilitating and managing that process for us, as it will free the Absa Cape Epic team up to focus on what we do best, hosting a world-class bike race.”

“Aramex are also a partner who understand mountain biking, and we are excited by their ideas for rider offerings,” Meintjes added. “Their dedication to equality and desire to grow elite women’s racing is showcased by their assumption of the role of UCI Women’s Category Partners. But their impact upon rider experience will not end there, they will be providing complementary services which will benefit every team in the race.”

“The Aramex Women’s competition is far more than just a marketing opportunity for Aramex. When we first started negotiations, the women’s category was a must for me to include in this partnership, as we really want to continue the efforts that have been made over the past few years to grow women’s cycling. In doing this, it’s imperative to promote and ensure equality in mountain biking,” noted Aramex’s Global Commercial Marketing Manager, Miguel Netto. “We share the same values as a brand and as a business, and thus making it a natural fit for us to play our part on this big stage. Since 2014 the race has paid equal prize money to the winning men’s and women’s teams with them competing for over R2.3 million in overall prize money.”

“We are proud to be associated with such an iconic event like the Absa Cape Epic. Our entire team (Globally and locally) is behind this partnership, and we are confident that we can take the event to new heights, by rocking the event experience but most importantly, rocking the rider experience with a number of key rider touch-points which we will activate on to try and deliver the riders from start to finish in the best possible means.”