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Where to Watch

The 2023 FNB W2W Switchback starts at Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West before transferring by bus to Oak Valley Wine Estate in Elgin for the famous playday before returning back to Lourensford Wine Estate to the finish on the final day.

Where can supporters cheer and view participants along the route?


Lourensford Wine Estate – Start, Finish and everything in between.

Send your riders off as they start their journey at one of the most beautiful wine estates in the world.


Spectator Point 1: Paul Cluver Amphitheatre (WP 3) at 56km on the route

ETA of leaders: +-1hr06

What’s on offer: Plan for an exciting day of watching teams tackle the new Paul Cluver Playpark sponsored by Agrimark. On Paul Cluver Estate you can do wine tasting and/or visit SALT Restaurant

Spectator Point 2: Oak Valley Finish at 68km

ETA of leaders: +- 2hr30

What’s on offer: The chill zone is the perfect spot to wait for your riders to arrive while enjoying a cold Devil’s Peak beer, Savanna or Oak Valley Wines. you can enjoy lunch at the Railway market over weekends or the Pool Room restaurant in Oak Valley Estate.


Spectator Point 1: Grabouw Country Club (WP 1) - 17km on the route

ETA of leaders: +- 37 mins

What’s on offer: Swing past the padstals on the way to grab a snack or two.

Spectator Point 2: Lourensford Wine Estate Finish at 64km.

ETA of leaders: +- 2hr22

What’s on offer: all the #SeriousGEES you could dream of. Cold beers from Devil’s Peak, delicious Savanna Ciders, and wine from Lourensford Wine Estate.