The age-old adage talks to preparedness and the need for practice in order to achieve success. To achieve anything more than just a modicum of success - one could rather say that "Perfect practice makes perfect". "Perfect" in this sense is not the hyperbolic and unattainable term for 100% absolute success - but rather the idea of a conscientious attempt towards perfection.

When it comes to endurance sport - it is all a game of effective repetition to achieve the desired goal. The closer one can get to achieving a perfect simulation of race-day conditions, coupled with those conditions remaining as consistent as possible throughout the training block, the closer one comes to touching that ever-evasive state of perfection.

Prior to the Benchmark set by the introduction of the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer in 2013, indoor training was a lonely and desolate wasteland of dumb fluid trainers, manual analogy resistance control and no ability to have your performance metrics in a workable and trackable format. With Wahoo essentially bringing the outside into your lounge, a new world of possibilities were now on the table for athletes to replicate race-day conditions or repeat interval sessions that went beyond the archaic guesswork and perceived-effort methodology of the "pre-KICKR" universe. Athletes could now train connected to their smartphone, and measure their data points with the consistency required to highlight progress and calls to action. Gone are the days of needing costly laboratory/gym style equipment as well as a professional coach in order to see what you are doing and where to improve. Having the ability to access your various field of data has allowed athletes of all levels the freedom to measure and manage their goals and progress like never before. The move of many professional sports teams and individual athletes to a Smart Trainer was the next logical step when considering the factors of the weather, safety and convenience compared to training outdoors - albeit nothing can substitute the real thing.

"The feature I enjoy most while racing the Epic Series events is the Summit climbing feature; It has colour-coded gradients to the grade data field and elevation chart on the climbing page when riding a 3rd party route or Strava segment. This really helps me to see how long and steep climbs are and how to pace yourself or attack your competitors. Along with great navigation, compact design and a long lasting battery." - Wahooligan Matt Beers ( 2021 Absa Cape Epic Winner )

"Uploading routes is super easy and convenient and it gives a very detailed breakdown of every stage’s climbing and terrain. So we know exactly what is to come and when so we can plan our strategies and when we going to go for it and when to hang back. The battery life is also very convenient - although we charge the device every night it can last 3 stages so when one forgets to charge the device the night before you'll still be safe in knowing that the device will have battery. Not to mention its super robust build. I am confident that this device can last through pretty much any strain put on it like heat, cold, sweat and gels. " - - Wahooligan Marco Joubert ( 2022 Absa African Jersey Winner - Team Imbuko {Type} DEV )

Wahoo has since expanded their single trainer option to now include a full suite of indoor trainer solutions, GPS cycling devices, smart sensors and world-class training software. Boasting the world’s only complete Cycling Ecosystem - Wahoo has enabled athletes the world over the ability to have a fully immersive training experience that can empower them to attain their goals. All over the world, Wahooligans are cycling Indoors on their preferred KICKR indoor trainer, either replicating outdoor rides recorded on their ELEMNT BIKE, PC or plugged into Wahoo's SYSTM or RGT (Together Wahoo X ) training platform. Some have the smart fan (Dubbed the HEADWIND) connected to their TICKR heart rate belt - changing wind-speed based on their heart rate data. Others have a KICKR CLIMB elevation simulator on their front fork, taking their training to new heights with up to 20% incline and 15% decline gradient simulation.

Made for athlete performance, and building the best athlete in all of us, this is what the top Absa Cape Epic athletes have to say about using Wahoo for their training with the end goal in mind.

With major endurance events like the Absa Cape Epic - athletes are required to put in countless hours of training and conditioning to compete against other world-class athletes, the race-day conditions and (most importantly) themselves. The factor that separates the chalk from the chaff is most often related to the quality of the training being achieved by these athletes, as the majority are already on fully specialised diet and exercise programs. When Wahoo Fitness spearheaded the drive towards the next generation of 'smart trainer technology' almost a decade ago - the opportunity to bridge the gap between Practice and Perfect Practice was finally within reach for these athletes.